Leveraging new technologies...

… to bring disruptive solutions…

… to existing and new markets.

MaSa's 4P Investment Approach

We always lead with mission and impact, 

and look at companies through our 4P lens:


Is the company seeking to address a real problem that needs to be solved?

Mission must be at the company’s core, no matter the area, and we have to believe in the potential to create a lasting impact.


Is the team talented, diverse, and personally connected to the mission?

We have to believe in the people as well as their dedication to the mission and the company’s overall success.



What is the company’s product / solution to the problem?

We need to understand the company’s product and commercialization strategy. No market & no customers means no impact!


Do we think the company will be profitable and sustainable?

We need to buy into the company’s business model & financial projections, and believe it will be able to deliver lasting impact.

Co-invest in our portfolio companies!

While MaSa does not manage external capital, we would love to work with you.

Let us know if you want to co-invest in our portfolio companies.

Our Investment Portfolio

Transforming waste into opportunity and empowering women worldwide.

Clean energy and savings made easy.

Advancing reading comprehension skills for Spanish-speaking students around the world

Restoring our world’s dying reefs.

Solving the world’s food problems one crop at a time.

Allowing consumers to vote with their wallet and get money out of politics.

Investing in beauty and wellness brands with purpose.

Building the healthcare platform of tomorrow.

Expanding access to high-quality healthcare by providing affordable technology solutions that can operate anywhere in the world.

Making and selling products to improve the human condition, naturally.

Investing in female leaders using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Repowering Appalachia with hometown energy.

Empowering initiatives that reconnect people with food.

Other Impact Investments

Improving health through innovation and democratiz-ation of rapid diagnostic testing.

Focused on breakthrou-gh biomedical technology companies worldwide.

A New Approach to Novel Drug Discovery.

Supporting entreprene-urs creating value with digital health solutions.

Making it easy and affordable to buy green energy.