4P Investment Approach

At MaSa Partners, we always lead with mission and impact. 
We screen and diligence companies using our 4P approach:


Is the company seeking to solve a real problem that needs to be addressed?

We have to believe that mission is at the company’s core and that its vision will make the world a better place. We are sector agnostic.


Who is/are the founder(s)? What is their personal connection to the mission?

We have to believe in the founder(s) and their dedication to the company’s mission and overall success.


What is the company’s product / solution / technology / service? Is there any IP?

We need to understand and buy into the company’s solution and go-to-market strategy. No market and no customers, no impact!


Do we think the company will be financially viable and profitable?

We believe that in order for companies to deliver enduring impact, they need to have a sustainable business model.

Our Investment Portfolio


Crop One

Restorative Botanicals

Solar Holler

Goods Unite Us

Rethink Impact

The Farm Project

Coral Vita


Other Impact Investments





Interested in Impact Investing?

While MaSa does not deploy external capital, we would love to collaborate with you. Let us know if you are interested in co-investing in our portfolio companies.