Investing For Impact

MaSa Partners is a social impact venture that invests patient capital in early-stage, mission-driven companies seeking to shape a better future.

MaSa’s thesis is that social change and environmental protection can be achieved without foregoing financial returns.

Early-Stage Capital

 By providing early financial and human capital — and working collaboratively with founders, investors and other stakeholders — MaSa helps companies build a solid foundation that paves the way for success.

4P Investment Approach

At MaSa Partners, we always lead with mission and impact. 
We screen and diligence companies using our 4P approach:


Is the company seeking to solve a real problem that needs to be addressed?

We have to believe that mission is at the company’s core and that its vision will make the world a better place. We are sector agnostic.


Who is/are the founder(s)? What is their personal connection to the mission?

We have to believe in the founder(s) and their dedication to the company’s mission and overall success.


What is the company’s product / solution / technology / service? Is there any IP?

We need to understand and buy into the company’s solution and go-to-market strategy. No market and no customers, no impact!


Do we think the company will be financially viable and profitable?

We believe that in order for companies to deliver enduring impact, they need to have a sustainable business model.

Our Investments

MaSa’s portfolio continues to grow with disruptive companies that are addressing and innovating renewable energy, food & ag, healthcare, biotech, gender and minority equity, and other areas of our lives.

The Founders

“I believe that adopting environmentally sustainable policies and practices makes good business sense.”  

Max Duckworth

Co-Founder, MaSa Partners

“I believe entrepreneurs are essential to building a better world – they strengthen our modern economy while solving our toughest challenges.”

Sarah Godlewski

Co-Founder, MaSa Partners