What's MaSa?

MaSa Partners is a boutique social impact venture that invests in early-stage companies seeking to shape a better future. MaSa’s ethos is that social and environmental change can be achieved without sacrificing sound investment principles or financial sustainability. By providing human and financial capital, and working collaboratively with entrepreneurs and stakeholders, MaSa helps to build successful start-ups that can make a difference. 

MaSa’s portfolio is growing steadily, and currently includes companies in the healthcare, renewable energy, and agriculture spaces. In addition, we are exploring means to improve financial access and social equality for investors.


MaSa’s Story

The concept behind MaSa was born in 2013, when social impact was mainly being viewed through a philanthropic lens, or with the expectation of modest, if any, financial returns on investment.

At the time, Sarah had just left her corporate career to become a public servant, while Max was taking a break after nearly twenty years in energy. Sarah and Max met as new members of a regional volunteer board of the US Fund for UNICEF.  After many conversations about how best to invest their time and resources to help make a real difference, Max and Sarah co-founded MaSa Partners in 2015 — as a for-profit entity seeking to invest in early-stage, socially responsible companies in a financially sustainable manner.

MaSa's Co-Founders

“I believe that adopting sustainable policies and practices nearly always makes good business sense.”

“I believe entrepreneurs are essential to building a better world – they strengthen our economy while solving our toughest challenges.”

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